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This is a NBA scores tracker that will display live scores of current games (if available at the moment) or will show the last results from current day or last game day.


How do I configure it?
You will just need to enter your wifi credentials in a configuration file, steps are as easy as connecting a USB stick to your PC and edit a file.
Step by step instructions and video tutorial are provided, but they are very simple.

API Account
An API is the service that provides the real time data that feeds this device, I’m not the owner of the API’s I use.
For this NBA display the API will already be configured with a free API account, which has a limit of 100 API calls per day meaning that if you want to track all live games you may need to upgrade your API account to 5000 calls per day for $15 a month.
Again, I have no control on the subscription prices for the API service.

With the included Free API account, the scores will not refresh as quick for Live games in order to manage the calls limit restriction.
Even with the API limitation it is great to display the scores of the day.
Use mainly for entertainment purposes.

What’s included:
1 LED pixel display for live Crypto currency prices
USB cable

Please contact me for any questions.

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