TUTORIAL FOR Animated GIF players

Congratulations on buying the LED Matrix display!
Please follow this tutorial for initial setup.

Animated GIF Players like (Outrun, Unicorn, Gaming, Halloween and others) do not require first time instructions as they are Plug & Play.

But you can use your own GIF images on any of these products.

Simply connect your device to a PC. You will see a drive called CIRCUITPY.

Open it and look for the folder called “gifs“. This is where you will drop your GIFs.


Your GIF images need to be prepared to look good on a 64 x 32 pixel display!

  1. Reduce size to 64 pixels. https://ezgif.com/resize
  2. If your gif is squared or taller than 32 pixels, you may need to crop it to 64 x 32. https://ezgif.com/crop
  3. If your gif looks too shiny you can reduce brightness as well. https://ezgif.com/effects

Note: You don’t need to keep the device connected to a computer.

Once it is setup, you can unplug and connect the USB cable to any power source.

Still need our help?

If you still have any confusion or query, let us know. We will reply back soon. 

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