Congratulations on buying the LED Matrix display!
Please follow this tutorial for initial setup.

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Connect the USB cable to your computer.

Open the drive as you'd normally do if it was a USB stick.

(On Windows: Windows Explorer->This PC->D: CIRCUITPY

The drive name is called CIRCUITPY.

Open the file "secrets.py" with any text editor.

(On Windows: right click secrets.py -> Open With... -> select Notepad)

Alternatively you can also open Notepad first (Press Windows key and type Notepad). And then Drag and Drop the secrets.py file inside Notepad application.

Similar steps should be followed on Apple devices.

Enter your WIFI name and Password.


Create a Free weather API Account:

And enter your API KEY in the secrets file.



Note: You don’t need to keep the device connected to a computer.

Once it is setup, you can unplug and connect the USB cable to any power source.

Still need our help?

If you still have any confusion or query, let us know. We will reply back soon. 

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