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For Bug Fixes and New features always make sure to have the latest code.

Download and UnZip the File to your computer, then replace all of the files in your CIRCUITPY drive. You will need to update the secrets file again, so make sure you copy your Wifi settings and API_KEY.


Right click and select Save Link As…



ETH Gas Price feature improved.


Improvements to TEST MODE

Stability Improvements


TEST MODE feature added – will help to test different features without needing to connect to the internet.

Large/Small font support – useful for cryptos with longer ticker or prices with many digits.

Background images improvements to handle bigger prices.

Symbol Background images support.

NOTE: For this version it is mandatory to replace all files in CIRCUITPY drive as the folder structure for backgrounds has changed.


Previous changes:


Added Coinmarketcap API alternative for any cryptos not in exchanges.


  • Bugs fixed
  • Ability to add timezone


  • Bugs fixed
  • New ETH gas price source
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